BUS - Bulbar Urethral Stent

Allium Bulbar Urethral Stent (BUS) is a temporary implant designed for transurethral placement in the male bulbar urinary tract diagnosed with stenosis, It is to open the occluded tract and to provide spontaneous urination. BUS consists of a super-elastic and co-polymer coated spiral. After insertion into bulbar urethra with the help of a delivery system, the stent is released to allow self-expansion. The stent is designed to stay in place for up to 3 years.



Get Rid Of Your Fears

Sphincter Friendly Section

It prevents the formation of incontinence by preventing the pressure on the sphincter with its dynamic sphincteric section.

Unique Coating

Thanks to its completely closed and non-porous polymeric coating, the tissue does not epithelialize. It also reduces encrustation stone formation and calcification.

Easily Removable

Stent can be removed from the urethra with the help forceps without traumatizing the urethra.

High Flexibility

It provides patient comfort and minimize irritation thanks to its flexibility that is resistant to urethral pressure.

Easy Placement

Thanks to its advanced shape, it is easily placed visually, endoscopically and/or under fluoroscopy.

Long Term Indwelling

Intended for a long indwelling period and can eliminate the need for recurrent procedures.