General and Segmental Colon Transit Time Measurement

Medifactia Transit - Pellets


  • Transit-Pellets Method™ provides a comprehensive colonic transit profile based on gender-specific reference values.
  • Evaluates both general and segmental transit time.
  • Thanks to the capsules taken on the 6th day, it also identifies the rapid transition.
  • One X-ray is enough for the analysis.
  • GI monitoring system enables the physician to generate patient-specific reports.
  • Capsule-shaped radiopaque markers are packed for single patient use.
  • Transit-Pellets Method™ is ‘quantitative’ and gives a numerical CTT value for each patient. Values are measured in the relatively short time (12 hours) between the last capsule taken and the X-ray.


GI Monitoring System is a web-based system and is suitable for 24/7 use on all smart devices.


Segmental transit time; upper reference values:

Upper reference values of regional colonic transit time by days for men and women according to the Transit-Pellet method (Abrahamsson et al 1988).

Total oral to anus – values based on measurements of 114 women and 85 men.

(Törnblom et al 2014, Sadık et al 2003, Abrahamsson et al 1988).