The Only System with CORONA Infinite Ring Fiber Technology

The neoV1940 for EVLA

The neoV1940 is the newest addition to the neoV family! The 1940nm wavelength is an exciting new option for your endovascular practice due to extra high water absorption, higher than 1470nm. The system enables work with CORONA 360 fibers as well as with the newly launched CORONA Infinite Ring fiber, giving you access to the safest and most advanced EVLA technology in the world today. The neoV1940 with neoLaser’s new fibers, position the neoV as the benchmark of clinical excellence for EVLA.

neoV 1940

1940nm wavelength
6 Watts of power from
laser head
Radial or sectional radial
Regular or slim fibers
Full introduction kits


The highest water
Less thermal damage
than other wavelengths
Safe and effective
Superb in vicinity of
critical structures


World-class design
22cm X 22cm X 10cm
Only 3.5Kg in portable
Affordable cost


Large high brightness color touch-screen Easy and patented fiber connection 99 Surgeon presets Full portability Fiber pullback synchronization

The New and Optimal Tool for Endovenous Treatment

neoV1940 Laser

The Optimal Energy – 1940nm

The Optimal Energy – 1940nm The neoV1940 diode laser offers a new wavelength with superior absorption when compared to 1470 systems. The 1940nm wavelength has absorption which is 3 times higher than 1470 in blood and the vein wall*. As a result, heat is much more localized, thermal penetration is lower, and according to published data, vein closure can be achieved efficiency for dosages above 30J/ cm**. These unique features may potentially allow more precise application with less total dosage, especially in vicinity of critical structures

Optimal Fibers

The new 1940nm is compatible with the full line of fiber delivery options of the neoV platform. This includes the CORONA 360 with radial emission, and in addition, the
newly launched CORONA Infinite Ring Fiber, which allows more uniform transmission along the vein axis, a critical feature when combined with the high absorption coefficient of the 1940nm system. This combination is unique to the neoV platform.


The neoV1940 truly stands apart from the industry in terms of design and craftsmanship. Through use of unique materials and cooling technology, neoLaser has
aunched the smallest and most portable 1940 system of its class, a fraction of the size and weight of similar system.


Ease of Use

The neoV1940 is controlled by a high resolution, high brightness, and color touch screen with wide viewing angles, to allow easy operation irrespective of
location within the OR. Unit footprint is extremely small, leaving precious OR space for other equipment. Surgeon and application presets are available for quick setup. The unit provides pullback synchronization through audio feedback for precise dosage application

Superb Quality and Safety

For us quality and safety come first. The unit offers extremely precise power output and is provided with a 1 year warranty. You should be confident that the
neoV1940 laser presents the most advanced technology on the market today for your EVLA practice.

Initial outcomes of endovenous laser ablation with 1940nm diode laser in the treatment of incompetent saphenous veins,
Park, Vascular 0(0) 1-6, 2018
** Medium and long-term outcomes of endovenous treatment of varicose veins with a 1940nm diode laser: critical analysis and
technical considerations, Viarengo et al., J Vasc Bras. 2017
Jan.-Mar.; 16(1):23-30

CORONA Infinite RingFiber® Phlebology

Endovenous laser treatment with optimal uniformity along the vein

  • Unique emission equivalent to numerous radial rings in a long
    continuous section
  • Optimal uniformity of energy deposition along vein
  • Potentially reduces sticking and carbonization in vein due to unique emission profile
  • No front firing
  • Welded tip for maximal safety of structure

CORONA Infinite Ring Fiber® Phlebology

The CORONA Infinite Ring Fiber is a groundbreaking development for endovenous laser treatment of the vena saphena magna and the vena saphena parva in patients with venous insufficiency. Providing radial emission from a continuous section of ~4mm length, it is the first ever fiber to enable optimal uniformity of energy deposition ALONG the vein wall, leading to potential reduction in sticking, carbonization and excessive thermal damage, properties of special importance when working in critical areas which are
sensitive to complications. The fiber tip is fused to the fiber body for optimal safety, and as such, presents the latest fiber technology currently available for endovenous laser treatments.


CORONA Infinite Ring Fiber® delivers a homogenous radial pattern along a continuous ~4mm section, without front firing.

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