The LumenEye® X1 has been designed with the patient and user in mind, delivering high quality imaging of the anorectum at point of care, reducing the need for formal endoscopy. LumenEye® – A New Era In Proctology.


The LumenEye® X1 is a high-quality handheld digital endoscope, providing Full HD imaging and video, enabling accurate and efficient diagnosis at point of care.

LumenEye®X1 System


Connected Health Intelligence Platform

The associated CHiP software platform enables high quality images and videos to be securely stored and shared.


The vertical user improves the shape.

Patient & User Comfort



Built-in camera captures high-quality images and video with a wide-angle field of view allowing both sides of the rectal wall to be seen at the same time


High Quality Imaging

  • Tablet displays Full HD images and video
  • USB 3.0 connection for fast data transfer
  • Immediate diagnosis & treatment planning
  • Securely store & share images

Intuitive Software Platform

  • Full EHR/ PAS integration capability
  • Connected platform allows for real-time communication
  • Secure platform, DSP toolkit certified and built to ISO 27001 standards
  • Access via tablet,web portal and mobile
  • View and store images and videos against patient records
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A New and Optimum Tool for Endovenous Therapy

User Friendly Simple Interface

Clinical Applications

The LumenEye® X1 can be used in numerous indications including…

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Cancer resection planning
  • Anastomosis health monitoring
  • Ileal pouch surveillance


Mr Barry Paraskeva
Colorectal Surgeon

“The advancedergonomics offered by LumenEye® is particularly attractive which will allow a better user and patient experience.”

Mr James Kinross
Colorectal Surgeon
“The digital capture of images that were lost in paper notes is a thing of the past. Now surgeons can confidently review their patients with a robust means of auditing the quality of
care they provide.”
Prof Bu’Hussain Hayee
“I see huge potential in LumenEye® changing clinical pathways andremoving the need for more costly and unnecessary investigations”