Surgical Incision Protector Retractor


Smart Protector

Advantages of S-Protector:

  • It creates less pressure on the skin with equal power distribution.
  •  It provides the surgeon with the most appropriate vision and working area.
  •  It provides protection against possible burns connected to energy devices such as cautery.
  •  It minimizes post-operative scars.
  •  It reduces the need for assistant support.
  •  It offers soft and natural wound retraction.
  •  Does not cause foreign item reaction.

How to Use S-PROTECTOR ?

Thread the protector ring through the incision.

Place the frame over the incision line with the ⇑ mark at the head.

Tension the protector by holding it against each other through the holes.

Attach the holes to the 6 hooks from the outside of the frame.

  • Patent No: 2015 – 0116534
  • Protection patent is issued to prevent any imitation
  • ISO 13485 Ocak 2016